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Dating can be awkward.

It’s a lot like a job interview — Both people are judging each other for early signs to skip out, and there are plenty of warning signs.

I’m going to explain my top five absurd encounters.

1. My Date Informed Me She Only Goes For Messed Up Guys Who Are ‘A Bit Broken’.

I felt pretty weird at that moment. Was I supposed…

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During the 1986 playoff game against the Celtics, Jordan dropped 63 points, setting an unprecedented record in the playoffs. Larry Byrd was quoted as saying, “It's just God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

Michael Jordan had a tremendous career, and many fans claim he was the greatest basketball player of all…

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She did not like him when he first started working at her office. “He behaves like a cocky jerk,” she thought. He didn’t listen to her advice as a new employee, and he refused to go through her when he needed something that fell under her department.

However, in the…

Ryan Rudolph

I enjoy writing about philosophy, psychology, relationships, humor and erotica. I will write on anything that elevates the human experience.

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